Intelligent Language Solutions

In various projects we offer intelligent software solutions for professionally qualifing language and language proficiency detection. In cooperation with professional linguists the necessary criteria aree identified and integrated in the respective programs.
In the following we will quickly introduce our current and past projects:


The HABS-Team combines expertise in professionally qualifing language fostering, interculteral collaboration with migrants and in labor market promotion. We work on a basis of current scientific standards and solid pratical expertise and develop an innovative concept for language education in labor market promoting measures. With this we contribute to securing skilled workers and support linguistic and professional integration of migrants and refugees. Our work is supported by regerous scientific discourse with national and international players, such as universities and educational institutions.

HABS Website

Technical Language Test Medicin

FaMed (Fachsprachenpr├╝fung Medizin) is the first technical language test for medicin build on international standards and tested in scientific studies in Germany. According to the Health Ministers Conference in 2014 foreign doctors need to pass an technical language test on the C1-niveau to be approbated in Germany. With FaMed we offer an fair and fast exam and work with educational institutions to provide the exam.

FaMed Website

Technical Language Traning

To be better prepared for language exams and FaMed specifically we offer an White-Label language learning plattform for educational institutions and language centers. This complete system includes with the exam suite flexible controll functions to schedule appointments and personell distribution. The software paket can be customized individually and fitted to each customers preferences.